Birds and Trees Day


Birds and Trees day has a 100-year tradition in Hungary. For this occasion we held an environmental contest to the students of Petőfi Sándor Elementary School for keeping the tradition.

Previously we asked the kids to create our project logo using crops and join our drawing competition: "The Puszta revives" as well. The call was succesfull, since many nice creations had been made by them. It was a difficult task for the jury to decide. The best drawings are available in the gallery.

The main objective of the contest was to familiarize them with the interesting, unique wildlife of steppe lakes and the danger it faces. The main points of environmental education are the same everywhere: improve and conserve the condition of environment, and prevent the future problems. Making aware the dangers can help to maintain this habitat, because the future generation has also responsibility in keeping it. 

The students were really good at recognising the various species, so we plan to organise more opportunity for them to get an insight in the world of the project area. At the end of the day their enthusiasm was rewarded.