1. Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and of action plans

A.1) Devise overall masterplan

A.2) Detailed environmental impact assessment

A.3) Permitted implementation plan

A.4) Forest harvesting plan and permit

A.5) Building plans and permissions and related activities

  1. Purchase of land

B.1) Woodland compensation fee

B.2) Land purchase

  1. Concrete conservation actions

C.1) Elimination of Nagy-rét feeding canal

C.2) Elimination of dike and canal system in the Kondás project area

C.3) Elimination, replacement and partial revitalization of fishpond’s draining canals

C.4) Elimination of water management structures in Zám project site

C.5) Preparatory actions before grazing: cutting and shredding

C.6) Ecologically sustainable high level grazing – Northern and Szelencés project sites

C.7) Ecologically sustainable high level grazing – Zám and Pentezug project sites

C.8) Elimination of plantation woodlands with no conservational value

C.9) Carbon footprint reduction through the recycling of by-product organic materials as bio-fuels

  1. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

D.1) Ornithological, hydrological monitoring and water chemistry analysis of rehabilitated steppe pans

D.2) Amphibian monitoring

D.3) Aquatic macrozoobenton monitoring

D.4) Botanical monitoring

D.6) Actions’ cost-benefit analysis

D.7) Socio-economic monitoring

  1. Public awareness and dissemination of results

E.1) Conference and field trip for the experts of Pannon eco-region and workshops for local land-users

E.2) Layman’s report

E.3) Establishing the infrastructure backgroung to demonstrate the achievements and results of the project sites near Hortobágy Fishponds

E.4) Exhibition on steppe lakes

E.5) Publication of a book (e-book and printed versions)

E.6) LIFE+ dedicated WEB site

E.7) Generating media coverage for the project, arcticles

  1. Overall project operations and monitoring of the project progress

F.1) Overall project operation

F.2) Project progress monitoring

F.3) Life after LIFE management plan

F.4) Networking