Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and of action plans

A.1) Devise overall masterplan

The goal of this action is to elaborate a schedule which can help monitoring the project progress

Under this action the technical, financial, marketing and monitoring plans and schedules will be completed.

A.2) Detailed environmental impact assessment

According to the national legislation a detailed environmental impact assessment is made for the environmental permitting procedure of Actions C.1-C.4, C.5 and C.8.

In some technical operation a few alternatives will also be investigated.

A.3) Permitted implementation plan

Preparing permitted implementation plans for the water management interventions and channel elimination works in Actions C.1-C.4.

A.4) Forest harvesting plan and permit

To eliminate plantations (Action C.8) a forest harvesting plan must be made. The cutting down of the plantation must be permitted.

A.5) Building plans and permissions and related activities

To reach the goals of the project seven herdsmen’s hut and a wintering stable is built. For the permitting procedures implementation plans are made.