Public awareness and dissemination of results

Action E.1) - Conference and field trip for the experts of Pannon eco-region and workshops

  1. In the final year of the project we will organize a conference for the experts of the Pannon eco-region (Austria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and Slovakia) about the conservation management of wetlands of the Carpathian Basin.
  2. In 2016 and 2017 we will organize a conference from a series of 12 lectures for the professionals of the Hortobágy also related to the management of wetland areas.
  3. During the implementation of the project we will organize 18 meetings/trainings for the herdsmen where we always welcome the project partners and also the interested farmers and herdsmen.
  4. To determine the reference state of steppe lakes 3 experts of the project will visit the still functioning steppe lakes of the countries from the steppe zone. This action is also part of the networking (Action F.4)
  5. 4 experts of the project will participate at international conferences to meet experts and share experiences with them.

Action E.2) - Layman’s report

To disseminate the project results an illustrated layman’s report will be issued which will be available in the Hortobágy National Park’s Visitor Centre and will be available for download in digital format also.

Action E.3) - Establishing the infrastructure background to demonstrate the achievements and results of the project on sites near Hortobágy Fishpond.

To demonstrate the results of the project we will erect 4 explanatory boards at the Hortobágy Fishpond site. Furthermore we will renovate 3 observation towers on the East side of the fishponds, from where visitors can see the project area. These facilities will be accessible on foot and by bicycle also.

Action E.4) - Exhibition on steppe lakes

The Kungyörgy-site is being partly renewed and infrastructural development for tourism is being done by the Hortobágy Nature and Gene Conserving Ltd. in the scope of the ÉÁOP-2.1.1/E-12-k2-2012-0004 project. The LIFE+ exhibition, which demonstrates the achievement of the project will be situated in one of the renewed buildings. With the infrastructure development of the fishponds about 20,000 people will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the project annually.

Action E.5) - Publication of a book (e-book and printed versions)

The goal of this action is to acquaint the professionals about results of treatment of habitat 1530 Pannonic salt steppes and salt marshes and the practical experiences of the project. The handbook reviews the formation of the Hortobágy, the forms of gazing and the steppe lakes. A separate chapter will deal with the special ecological aspects especially within the project period. We present the different grazing animals and their role and suitability for conservation treatments. A separated chapter will review the steppe lakes and their suggested conservational treatments. We will also present the results of the different monitoring actions.

Action E.6) - LIFE+ dedicated website

During the project and the maintenance period we will run a website, where we constantly report about the achievements of the project.

Action E.7) - Generating media coverage to the project, articles

We will held press conferences about the main event of the project.
A 35 minutes project film will be made about the project.
Furthermore, during the project period we are operating a facebook page, and we produce low-end marketing products.