Purchase of land

Action B.1

Woodland compensation fee

A 6.3 hectare woodland plantation will be cut at the Szelencés project area. This part is a registered planned woodland, originally Quercus robur was planted but nowadays Fraxinus pennsylvanica is becoming dominant.

To take out the woodlot from the planned woods the woodland compensation fee must be paid.

After cutting down the plantation the whole area will be grazed, preventing the regrowth of Fraxinus and other invasive trees.

Action B.2

Land purchase

A ~29 hectare land will be purchased by the Hortobágy National Park Directorate which is currently privately owned but is part of a protected Natura2000 area.

The purchase is necessary because it was temporarily used as a fishpond so the canal and dike system on it could be eliminated. With the completion of the elimination works the natural water movements on this part of the former Csúnya-föld’s steppe lake will be rehabilitated.